Cutting Logs

Trees and the logs are roughly cylindrical. Wooden timber planks are usually flat and rectangular. So what way should a flat plank be cut from a cylindrical log?

Timber logs can be cut up in several ways. Different methods of cutting a log will give timber planks with different properties.

Flat Saw

This cuts the timber planks from of the log in parallel to each other. It produces timber planks of decent but variable quality. It also produces grain patterns of variable quality. A plank that is cut through the centre of the tree will be strong with good grain pattern. A plank cut above or below this will be not quite as strong or stable, and have less appealing grain pattern.

Tis method wastes very little wood and is fairly cheap to perform. It is use on about 605 of all available timber.

Rift Saw Timber

This cuts timber logs from the outer rim towards the centre. It produces timber planks of optimal strength and fairly consistent grain pattern.

This is a more expensive option. Some wood is wasted in the cutting process, but the consistent quality is sometimes worth the extra expense.

Quarter Saw timber

This is similar to rift saw. But the planks are not cut directly towards the centre. This means less wasted wood but similar quality strength and stability to rift saw timber.

Floors build with quarter saw or rift saw will be more stable in changing humidity or temperature.

Damaged Floors Repair and Polishing Sydney

Solid wooden floors will last for decades, even a century, under reasonable conditions. But if damage does occur to part of the floor it can almost always be repaired. And it the floor surface becomes worn then sanding can remove the topmost layer and restore the original surface appearance.

Have your floors polished to look like new.