Avoid Floor Damage

Avoid Floor Damage

Hardwood floors remain popular because that are extremely long lasting and look attractive. Many people like the look of natural woodgrain floors. Unfortunately no floor is completely indestructible, and hardwood can suffer surface damage that ruins its natural appearance.
It is frustrating when the appearance of the floor is compromised, especially as the floor itself lasts do long. But there are ways to both prevent damage to the floor surface and ways to repair damage form the past.

Grit and Dirt
It is all too easy for dirt and grit to be tracked inside on footwear. This will quickly scratch the surface of the floor. Protective coatings like polyurethane will provide some protection against this damage. But it is a good policy to have all shoes left outside to prevent dirt being tracked onto the timber floor.
Regular sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment will remove dirt from the floor surface, greatly reducing any potential for scratching.

Water is bad for hardwood. This is one of the few things that will cause damage beyond the surface. Water left spilt on the floor, or even continual exposure to moisture, will cause the floorboards to change shape. This warping will leave the floor uneven.
Avoid using wet mops on the floor. A damp mop will suffice. Microfiber cloths and static mops are two good options for timber floors.
Never use any steam cleaning equipment on wood.

It is easy to forget that wooden or metal furniture can scratch timber floors. Even some plastic furniture can cause problems. Irrespective of whether the furniture is moved or stays static the floor can still be scratched.
Felt or plastic coasters under chairs and tables will prevent scratching. Larger objects like a piano will need large caster cups to protect the floor.
Some furniture is okay if it is on a rug or mat.

Children’s Toys
Children’s toys, play vehicles, prams …etc. will quickly scratch the floor. These should be kept in other rooms away from the hardwood.
If necessary, a hardwood floor can be protected with a large mat or soft foam tiling while children are still young.

Damaged Floors Repair and Polishing Sydney
The superficial damage on a floor, scratches and even some wood warping, can be removed with re-sanding. This removes a tiny amount of top surface from the wooden floor. The floor can then be restored to its original finish.