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Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Can timber floors be placed over concrete floors?

Quite often yes, if there is no moisture issues. If the concrete is allowing moisture to soak through then a moisture barrier is need below the timber floor.

Does a subfloor have to be perfectly Level?

There can be some imperfections in the subfloor, high or low spots of less than 3mm. Often a low spot can be filled in, and certainly a protruding nail or raised timber edge can be sanded back.

Some leveling compounds can be used to fill in low spots on the floor.

The underlay between a subfloor and the floating floor is flexible, so it will accomidate some unevenness.

What condition must a subfloor be in?

As long as the subfloor is clean, dry and reasonably level then we can add a floating floor above. A less than perfect subfloor may be the reason why you add a floating floor.

Can we use hydro or electrical heating under floors?

Yes, underfloor heating works well with engineered floorboards. Engineered timber boards experience very little shrinkage or expansion with changing heat, so underfloor heating works well.

What happens with damaged floorboards?

Superficial damage on solid timber, like scratches, can be sanded way on. Sometimes then can even be removed by polishing.

Engineered floors cannot usually be sanded; because the to layer of timber is too thin. Sanding will remove the top layer of wood. A few type of engineered timber can be resanded once if the top layer is reasonably thick.

Does timber need to Acclimatize?

Yes. To acclimatize timber boards they are left in the room where they are to be installed. Timber will expand or contract slightly depending on humidity and temperature conditions. It is best if they expand or contract before they are installed, rather than after.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Solid timber or engineered floors remain popular because they are attractive and extremely long lasting. Timber can be stain coloured and treated to suit many decors.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Protect Your Investment

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Hardwood timber floors area great alternative to carpeted floors. They are easy to sweep clean or vacuum; there is nowhere for allergens or dust to hide. And many people like the classic look for natural timber.

Hardwood floors are a sizable investment, but a worth one. They last for decades, sometimes over a century. So in the long term they work our cheaper than other floor that need replacing after a 20 years. At the same time we want to look after the hardwood floors to that they will last this long.

Regular Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Floors will suffer surface damage from people in shoes, for furniture, form anything hard that contacts the floor. The main structure of the floor remains unharmed, but the shiny new appearance is lose.

We can greatly reduce the damage by removing shoes in the home, and using coasters under furniture. But over time we might still want to remove light damage.

Many homes with timber floors have those floors re-sanded every 10-15 years. This re-sanding removes a tiny (half millimetre) layer from the top of the wood to reveal fresh wood underneath. This essentially give you a new floor, which can be refinished in many different ways.

Often a re-sanding is unnecessary. Many a floor looks great with a re-polishing. This removes the type light damage most common in floors. Only deep scratches, which are are, need more serious work.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Hardwood timber floors can be restored to virtually new with re-sanding and re-polishing.

Old Homes and Hardwood Floors.

Old Homes and Hardwood Floors.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Many modern building have chipboard (particle board) for floors. Even when there is carpet, vinyl, or other materials on top there is usually a chipboard surface behind this. Occasionally (as in bathrooms) there might be a cement floor.

Older homes were different. The wooden floors were made of solid timber, even when there was carpet or vinyl or linoleum on top. That was simply the way almost all houses were made up until the 1970, and sometimes even latter. Chipboard became popular when carpets were ubiquitous. Chipboard was cheap, and if there was carpet or another floor surface on top then nobody had to look at the ugly chipboard.

Or course this means that many older buildings have fine hardwood floor under their old carpets. and because the hardwood was kept under the carpet all these years it is still in good condition.

If you remove the old carpets you can have the hardwood polished to make a very impressive looking floor. Even cheaper hardwood of yesteryear looks surprisingly good when polished, and perhaps sanded if it has been damaged.

Home renovations have become popular over the last generation, at least partially because of reality TV shows. If we want to restore an old home or even just a single room, then re-polishing hardwood floors and painting walls may be 90% of the changes.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Re-sanding and re-polishing can make an old hardwood floor look like new. Consider this if you want to give a home or room a makeover.