Floor Sanding Sydney

The Right Curves

Damaged Floors Repair and Polishing Sydney

Occasionally Timber Floors need to be repaired. This is not too difficult if we a fitting straight timber planks to a room with square corners. But it can become tricky when we have to accommodate curves and irregular shapes on the floor. We might have to fit the timber floor around a round column, a bathtub, a fireplace or some other irregular shape. We need to cut the timber according to this unusual shape, and not just a straight edge. This requires a few appropriate tools.

We need to both measure the curve, and then cut the timber appropriately.

Measuring the Curve.

Sometimes it is possible to use tracing paper to get the right shape when fitting into or around a corner. But this is often not possible so instead we can use a contour gauge.

A contour gauge is a series of thin flat slates that can be pushed into a corner or around a concave shape. These slats can them be locked into place and used to trace a curve (or its exact inverse) on the timber that is to be cut. These contour gauges are available at hardware stores.

Cutting the Timber

We can cut unusual shapes into wood with either a jigsaw or a file. Jigsaw are powered saw with a thin blade. A skill user can use these to cut fine shapes into timber. But new DIY hobbyists may find this tricky. A series of files can also be used to shape timber. This is a slower process, but easier to use for an first time user. Files can be round, curves or straight, as is appropriate to the shape being cut.

It is also possible to combine these techniques. We can use the jigsaw to get the rough shape, leaving some excess, and then the files to fine tune the final shape.

Damaged Floors Repair and Polishing Sydney

Timber floor last for decades, but they can look dull after being walked on for so long. Polishing can restore the look, and occasional re-sanding can remove scratches and other superficial damage.