Damaged Floors Repair and Polishing Sydney

Very few floor materials will survive a flood undamaged. And even the floor materials that do survive, like concrete or hard tile, will still require draining and disinfecting. Hardwood timber floors may survive some types of floods, but they will almost always require repair. Water will cause the timber planks to buckle and warp, so the floor surface will need to be sanded if the surface is to be flat.

Unfortunate, flooding is one of the few things that is not covered by insurance.

Types of Flood water:

Black water

This is sewage, and considered an extreme health hazard. Any surfaces contaminated with black water will require professional decontamination.

Grey Water

This is water from dishwashers, fish tanks, washing machines or anything that has contacted the outside ground. Surfaces exposed to grey water will need decontamination.

General water

This is water from pluming or other clean sources. It refers to water that is safe enough to drink, but which can still damage carpets, rugs, walls and floors.

This water will need to be cleaned up. And most floors exposed to water will require some repair.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Hardwood floors can be re-sanded to restore their original appearance. If a floor has suffered flooring or even minor water damage it may need some boards replaced. Re-sanding is the final step to complete the restoration. 

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