Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney – New Floors

New timber floors look great, and many people prefer quality timber over various forms of carpeting. It’s easy to sweep timber floors clean, and there is hardly ever an issue with allergies or dust. Of course if we have new timber floors then we want to maintain their new appearance to preserve our investment.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney – Restoring Floors

The great advantage of solid timber floors is re-sanding. No other floor material offers this feature. The timber can be re-sanded to restore the appearance of the wood. It can also be re-sanded if you want to stain the floor a different colour. The average timber floor can be re-sanded a dozen times before the wood starts to become too thin. With most floors re-sanded every decade the floor can still last over a century.

Sanding is the way to remove superficial damage. All floors suffer scratches and dents from the occupants of the home. This does not impair the function of the floor, only the appearance. But re-sanding removes the top most level of the floor, perhaps half a millimeter, exposing a new untouched surface. A re-sanded floor can then be stained to look like new.

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