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Formaldehyde and VOCs

Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Some flooring materials will put Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) into the air. Fresh paint and new furniture will also release these same VOCs. These chemicals are dangerous if they are too strong. If we can smell the chemicals in the air (that ‘new car smell’ or fresh paint) then they are strong enough to impact our health.

Formaldehyde is one of the most common of VOCs released by new carpets, fresh paint, floor varnish and some new furniture. It can cause eye irritation, breathing problems, tiredness, mental disorientation and also trigger allergies and asthma. It is in everybody’s interest to avoid these chemicals.

Quality hardwood is free from these issues; it has no VOCs. But some of the coatings applied to the timber floor, such as polyurethane, will release VOCs for a few days after they are first applied. So we should take precautions to avoid these chemical fumes.

If a room has been varnished then we should:

  • Let the room air out for a few days. Open window, put fans in the room. Do not occupy the room more than necessary. Do not sleep in the room.
  • Use an air filter with a HEPA fitting to clean the air.
  • Bi Carb of Soda on the floor will soak up a lot of the chemicals. Put this down once the floor is completely dry, leave it for a few days, then vacuum it away. Always dispose of the Bi Carb.
  • Cut up some onions and place them half submerged in bowls of water. Leave these in the room for a few days. This soaks up the smell.
  • Indoor plants will soak up contaminants out of the air.

These techniques also work for freshly painted and carpeted rooms.

Engineered timber is often pre-coated with a protective layer. This has an advantage as the chemical fumes will have long dissipated before the timber is installed.

Damaged Floors Repair and Polishing Sydney

Timber floors are durable and very long lasting. But there appearance can be compromised as people walk upon them, and they may suffer damage from heavy furniture or hard impacts. Polishing or re-sanding can restore the almost new look of a good timber floor. And repairs or replacement of individual boards will fix any damage.

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