Keeping the Hardwood Floor

Keeping the Hardwood Floor


Floor sanding and polishing Sydney

Summer months can see us spending time outdoors in the bright weather, or they can see us locked inside an air conditioned home to avoid the heat. This habit of cooling the home by air conditioning or other means can led to humidity issue, which affect floors and furnishings. Air conditioners will dry out the air, which can lead to damaged wood.

If we want to keep cool then we do well to monitor the humidity. High humidity will makes us feel warmer; low humidity will tend to be more comfortable, if not a little chilly. This is the difference between ‘dry heat’ and ‘uncomfortably wet’.

A humidity measuring device (hygrometer or psychrometer) can help us keep humidity at ideal levels, so the floor will not expand or contract too much. Adding some plants to the room can raise humidity. Using air conditioners or a dehumidifier will lower the humidity.


Good habits for Timber Floored Rooms

All flooring material can suffer scratches or tears. But we can avoid this with the right precautions.

  • Remove shoes, especially hard shoes, inside the home.
  • Put coasters under all furniture legs.
  • Put a protective coating on timber floors, polyurethane is one good option.
  • Pets like dog and cats can be an issue. Have their claws trimmed.
  • Mats and rugs will protect floor surfaces
  • Sweep the floor on a regular basis to remove any grit that might cause scratches
  • Make sure there is no sticky residue on the floor, something left by some cleaning agents. This will cause grit to stick to the floor and cause damage. Weak vinegar and warm water will usually remove sticky floor problems.
  • Do not use steam mops on a hardwood floor.


Damaged floors repair and polishing Sydney

Good habits and dedication will prevent most accidents and floor damage. But some unforeseen events like floods or clumsy removalists will resist our best efforts at preparation. And a certain amount of wear and tear will occur given sufficient time.

Most timber floor damage can be repaired with re-sanding and basic building skills. Have your floor restored to new with sanding and polishing.


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