Timber deckings are the outdoor surfaces used for entertaining. These might be verandahs, gazebos or BBQ areas. Often these are attached to the main house, and under some light roof cover. Despite being outdoors and exposed to the weather a timber deck can last for decades if properly built and given some basic maintenance.

People often enjoy the outdoor experience of a timber deck structure. These outdoor structures combine the natural environment and fresh air with furniture and a firm floor. They are easily made to compliment both the house and the surrounding natural landscape, being available in many types of wood and finish. Australian climate and culture are well suited to the outdoor lifestyle an external decking offers.

Maintenance and Decking Timber Sanding Sydney

For all the durability provided by wood all outdoor decking is constantly exposed to the elements. Sun and rain will steadily take their toll. A well-designed timber deck, made from solid wood and either oiled of lacquered, will last far longer than a poorly built, poorly maintained one. But no timber decking will last forever. Some periodical service will be required.

If the surface of your timber decking is showing signs of wear, if water soaks into the wood rather than runs off the surface, or if the planks start to buckle, then it is time to have the surface sanded. The underlying wood of most timber decks is usually quite sound. Re-sanding the surface give the outdoor decking a new lease on life. If the oil or top coating is good a timber deck can be re-sanded about once per decade to provide a lifetime of reliable service.

SK Flooring for Decking Timber Sanding Sydney

SK flooring can sand back the surface of your timber decking and bring it to the condition it was in when newly installed. We can also repair any damaged boards before re-coating or re-oiling the timber, allowing your timber decking to last for many years to come.