Timber Supply

Timber Supply

Timber Supply

Quality wood remains a part of almost all domestic homes. Even with the advent of metal frames, brickwork, and modern synthetic materials timber is still used extensively in building, and remains a popular flooring option. Timber floors are perhaps the most durable and long lasting internal flooring material. And timber trim is still seen as an attractive décor option when other materials are used.

Timber Supply Source.
Of course timber comes from trees and forest areas that are set aside for logging. These areas should be constantly replanted with new trees as the old ones are cut down and processed.
Once cut down the trees are processed at a mill, turned into planks and given some protection again wear, decay and other harmful factors. A few species of tree are more naturally resistant to fungal rot and decay. Other trees need additional treatment for protection from these potential issues.

Timber that is used indoors will have some treatment and coatings to protect against moisture and fungus. Timber allocated for use outside will receive a different, more extensive, type of treatment.
Indoor timber will almost always be selected for a more pleasing appearance, while still being durable. It should have pleasing woodgrain and it should stain well.
Outdoor timber, perhaps used for fencing or telegraph poles, is less concerned with appearance, prioritising only the durability.

Commercial Timber supply
Today different types of timber is more often supplied by the professions that specialize in a particular industry. Flooring specialists supply and install timber for floors, and perhaps other associated building applications. Timber suitable for craftwork, construction work, maritime or other industries are supplied by professionals in that area.

Decking timber sanding Sydney
Timber for decking is exposed to the outdoor elements, the hot sun, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Despite the durability of the actual timber any decking will require repair because these outdoor conditions take a heavy toll.
Timber decking can be repaired and re-sanded several times, extending the life of the structure.

Damaged floors repair and polishing Sydney
Internal flooring will not suffer the type of wear that outdoor timber is exposed to. But constant wear from shoes, furniture and the occasional accident will cause at least superficial damage. Internal timber floors tend to have their attractive appearance compromise over time, even as their structural integrity remains solid.
Re-sanding and polishing a make a quality hardwood timber floor look like new.

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