A good floor sanding job requires more than just appropriate skills and techniques. Careful planning, quality materials and great communication are essential for any floor sanding job. Our vast experience in the industry allows us to deliver excellent results at a GREAT price in the market.

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Timber Floors Sanding & Polishing

The great advantage of Timber Flooring is that it can be resanded to look new again. If your timber floor shows any fault, have it restored via the methods of sanding and polishing. Every ten years, many homes have their floors resanded.

Timber Floors Repairs

Timber is a long-lasting, durable flooring material. But if an area of the floor is damaged, the individual planks can be replaced. We replace older damaged boards with new ones of the same grade and type.

Timber Floors Staining

Timber floors can be stained a darker colour. This staining process can make any decent timber look rich and luxurious. We can find the right floor stain to suit your décor.

Decks Repair, Sanding and Polishing

Quality timber floors are long-lasting and add value to a home. We can install timber floors and timber stairs in any room, skirt boards, trim doors and all other general carpentry works.

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